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    A quintessential experience for the bon vivant gastronome – or those so desiring, is an intimate immersion into Saint Lucia’s Kweyol cuisine. Our gastronomy though culturally methodical, boasts a vibrant diversity that is as colorful as it is dynamic.  Influenced by a turbulently colorful past, and luxuriated by a gregarious present, the Islands’ affable culture transforms food from repast into shared experiences.  Every option of your deliberately private Kweyol cooking experience feature’s aspect of our people and their life experiences.

    Whether it’s your choice of seafood, ground provision, chicken, beef or vegan delights, the Kweyol kitchen comes alive with sights, taste aromas and feeling that are hard to describe, yet a whole lot harder to forget.

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    Available in three delectable options with Incentives group extravaganzaManjé Kayé Kweyol – an exquisite in-home experience of our everydaynessSet in the actual traditional home of our hosts, this option is an everydayness to those who are deeply traditional.  Once we’re all aproned up with choice provisions and / or meats laid out – let’s step outside and into our home kitchen garden, select your choice of organically grown garden herbs and veggies, or savor the fragrance of island herbs and spices chosen from select regions of our farmed tropic. The flavor of this Kweyol cooking experience is made replete, as you, our guests and Chef Du Jour toast the moment as bon vivant.Inclusions
    • Return transportation to home and facilities
    • All ingredients required and as dictated by guests
    • Private artisan cooks or chef
    • Staffing, and utensils
    • Narration
    • Dinning
    • All beverages as may be requested by guests
    Each experience is curated and is subject to demand and supply. Maximum four people. This one’s a Travel Advisors delight.Price for Tjwizin Kweyol is non-static and is subject to guest demands.Book your experience or share more hereRepast KweyolPerfect experience for teams and families of four or more. This Kweyol cooking class and repast is set in the more formal spaces of a curated house of culture, internally adorned with both mementos of a nostalgic past and the contemporary splendor of the moving present. The premises is shirted with a manicured landscape, complementing our theme of a storied past and moving present.  Your “Chef Du Jour” holds a passion for sharing local cuisine and formal Kweyol etiquette.  Not to be confused with any world culture, our Kweyol boasts the ardor of all falling to Saint Lucia’s charms. Our rice is Kweyol, ground provision – earth health, seasonings – uncommon essence. Book this option today and experience an awakening of your senses.Inclusions
      • Return transportation to Kweyol terrace
      • All menu ingredients
      • Private group Chef
      • All refreshments
      • Lunch / dinner
      • Memorabilia where applicable
      • All taxes
    Grande Eden ExtravaganzaThe ultimate culinary adventure is our Grand Eden farm-to-table experience, inducing group kinship and bonding to a whole new level. Set deep in the most tropical mountains of Saint Lucia, Grand Eden is an expansive living farm and scenic majesty, flanked by nothing but the serenity of an unadulterated nature. The illusive Amazona Versicolor is an endemic species of the plethora of fauna greeting your experience.This adventure, culture, cuisine combo requires a forty-minute drive from the town of Soufriere, then trekking along a short pathway lined by herbs, flowers and pleasant forest aromas.Whether it’s a hands-on, participatory event or a spectator’s feast, the extravaganza recreates a bucolic error of tasty earthy cooking using combinations of firewood, charcoal and modern fuel appliances to create dishes and flavors that can be had now where else. Pick your choice seasonings and provisioning, then join your local and or celebrity “Chef Du Jour” in a pastoral kitchen allowing aroma and the serenity of nature to invoke feelings that cannot be described.Optional live Kweyol entertainment from music as pastoral as the charming environment. Move or savor the sound of home-grown band. We can even include masquerade with indigenous drumsIdeal for all groups and especially Incentive programs, family reunions special themed event. Your desires and endowments are our limit.Inclusions and cost are subject to guests’ demand.

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