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St. Lucia Photography Sightseeing Tour

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Tour St. Lucia with an amazing tour guide in the company of your own personal Photographer for the day. A Completely free and open day where everything you do is all up to you. Plan your day in advance, or choose a part of the island you want to explore for the day an improvise along the way.

Visit amazing secret/ hidden locations on the island. Secluded waterfalls, amazing hidden beaches, beautiful coastlines, our guides are extremely knowledgeable about these locations on the island. Have an unforgettable day in paradise with endless possibilities.


Some Possible Activities 

  • Hiking: Whether it’s a simple rainforest trail to enjoy nature, a coastline trail to enjoy the amazing coastline scenery and secluded beaches, a hike across St. Lucia to experience the deep interior of the island, or a hike to a secluded hidden waterfall. This island has some amazing locations for you to discover.
  • Fishing: Deep sea fishing is not the only type of fishing you can do on the island. There are some great locations where you can relax right off shore and enjoy some great fishing. Whether it’s cliff side fishing or right off a beautiful secluded beach, St. Lucia has two amazing coastlines to enjoy a nice relaxing cast and reel session.
  • Waterfall Hunting: There are probably 4 or 5 well known waterfalls on the island. But there are many many more which are not as well known but are far more spectacular. If you’re up for some 4 wheeling and some hiking you can visit 2/3 very different waterfalls in one day, or if you want to stay in one location there are some rivers which have a series of different falls with different size and depth pools to enjoy. Add a couple hammocks and some drinks and some fresh local snacks and you have an amazing, refreshing and relaxing day ahead.
  • 4 Wheeling:¬†If walking/ hiking is not your think, but you still love exploring then jump aboard our very comfortable 4 Wheel drive Toyota Hilux Surf. Ride in air conditioned comfort or let the windows down to breath in the refreshing ocean/ rainforest air. Drive to the longest existing beach on the island or into the heart of the rainforest for some amazing views. You may even come across our Parrot. The national bird of the island endemic to St. Lucia.

What ever you choose it’s Completely Private and Completely Customizable and of course Completely Amazing!