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Kabawé Krawl – North island locations/bars

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An impressively authentic Lucian experience is the total immersion of all your senses into an island bar culture or evening life.

This experience is truly transformational as you embrace St Lucia’s Island bar culture in its purest unadulterated form. At the Kabawe’ (rum shop), you undergo a friendship Initiation, when each patron “fe’ a’ won” (everyone buy’s a round of drinks for the group).

Induced by the plenteous choices of the zymurgist magic brews, and melodious rhythms of island music, the atmosphere simply carries lots of country vibes. We’ve selected bars that uphold the spirit of the community to offer an island daily life that is both positively spirited and delectably spirituous.

And when your choice is for no less than the deepest essence of St Lucia, we’ll include an indigenous local band for a replete experience.

With return pickup at your place of stay included, the experience is a bon vivant vibration that will leave you a truly cultured Lucian.


4 hours

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Northern Island locations / bars (Castries through to Gros islet)

USD 299.00 1 – 4 people.USD 52.00 for each additional sharer

Travel Itinerary

First stop

Nestor’s Kweyol Bar

Undeniably communal, Nestor’s seats at a strategic intersection in the buoyant community of Grand Riviere, Gros Islet on the Island’s north. This elixir outlet is favored by businessmen, economist and local socialites from all walks of life. Nestor’s is open daily, with its distinct midweek convivial allure.  Wednesday is a fish fiesta as owner, Anastasius Petit’s (Nestor) inimitable flavor fires a storm of aroma, seducing anyone with a fancy for flavors of an island seafood grill.  The feasting crescendo’s way into Thursday and Friday nights devour of a country cuisine, featuring your choice of Fish Guts (yep) - and tasty too, Saturday- Black Pudding, Local Meals, One Pot, fresh Beef and Pork meat. Nestor’s may quite appropriately be our final stop so save some space for a stomach feast.

Second Stop

Bob’s Bar & Grill

Just two minutes from Nestors, Bob’s grill fires a flavor that will immediately beckon a chase by his well-stocked Kabawe (bar). Owner Wennet George (Bob), hold a passion for the grill and is expectedly its maestro. Open daily Bob’s daily menu is simplified with local eats, treats and brews, accentuated by a festive seafood Saturday.

Third stop

J’s place

Is the perfect communal liming spot to kickoff this exclusive cultural experience. Jennifer (J) is a consummate host, very well respected in this idyllic yet developed countryside community of Plateau; so appropriately named for the spectacular vistas skirting your roadways scenery. Her menu of tasty Kweyol pork, chicken, fish and even a Kweyol burger is as delectable as her contemporary bar serving the most amazing assortment of spirituous island brews.

Tour Terms & Conditions

N.B All participants must be 18 years or older to consume alcoholic beverages. All participants are also fully responsible for their choice consumption of food and alcoholic beverages. Persons with food and or liquid allergies should ascertain and or determine their tolerance before participating in any food and bar activity. The management and staff of Serenity Vacations & Tours Inc. reserve the right to end the tour if safety is deemed to be compromised at any stage of the touring experience.

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