Saint Lucia truly is an island paradise for water lovers! The warm trade winds that gently tousle tree tops are ideal for sailing the deep blue waters that surround the island. The Caribbean Sea, which caresses the western coast of the island, is known to be particularly calm in comparison to the Atlantic Ocean on the east coast, and is a favorite among avid sailors and first timers.

The yachting sector is alive and vibrant in Saint Lucia and offers visitors an opportunity to appreciate the absolute beauty of the island from a whole new perspective. Saint Lucia’s deep blue waters beckon all who visit to join the many who’ve sailed its seas and stare in awe at the island’s luscious rolling hills, magnificent pitons and rich sandy beaches.

Saint Lucia is as pristine now as it was during the pirates’ heyday, but with a modern touch. The island is home to two state-of-the-art marinas that provide exceptional service of an international standard. The IGY Rodney Bay Marina, located in the north of the island, is nestled in an inner lagoon that provides protection and safety, while the Marina at Marigot Bay, situated along the west coast, is a natural haven for sailing vessels. Both marinas are just a stone’s throw from shopping facilities, a variety of restaurants and nightlife, perfect for that moment when you want to get away from the gentle sway of the water and plant your feet firmly on solid ground.

A sailing trip around Saint Lucia is perfect for lounging, recharging and relaxation. All you need are some good friends, cold drinks and fresh seafood to have the perfect day. Who knows you just might witness the elusive green flash! Discover why Saint Lucia has been dubbed the Helen of the West, whether on land or sea, Saint Lucia is the place that has it all!