Sea and sun naturally attract many visitors to our shores and the variety and number of beaches abound. For those who envisage relaxation or some level of moderate water activities, most resorts provide opportunities for waterskiing, laser or sunfishing, kayaking, snorkeling and windsurfing.

Serious adventure seekers have much more to occupy their time with activities such as fishing, diving, snuba, sea trekking, flyboarding and kitesurfing.


Saint Lucia boast the new jetovator tour in Saint Lucia. This activity is for the adventurous, thrill seekers, fearless, bold, explorers who love the water, sun and fun. For more information, click here.


Experience kitesurfing in Saint Lucia on the atlantic east coast with its rugged coast line and windblown waters. It is an adventure of a lifetime. Kitesurfing is offered at the Coconut Bay Saint Lucia Surf Shack in the south of the island and in the north of the island at Cas en Bas beach.



Guests are equipped with the specially designed Sea Trek helmet which sits comfortably on your shoulders. Trekkers breathe freely underwater from a continuous flow of air pumped into the back of the helmet through a hose attached to a Pod system which carries scuba cylinders. There are no masks, no mouthpieces, no stress and no complications. You can even wear your prescription glasses, as your entire head stays dry throughout your underwater adventure. For more information, click here.



Saint Lucia offers great snorkelling opportunities along the west coast. Crystal clear waters showcase an array of colourful coral reefs and fish which can be spotted just a few yards from shore in certain areas.



A combination of scuba diving and snorkeling, SNUBA offers a chance for all the family to experience the beauty Saint Lucia has to offer below the sea as well as above. You do not need any certification or diving experience and those with even the basic swimming skills are able to participate. For more information Click here.

Splash Island Water Park

Located on the the Northwest coast of St. Lucia, on the popular Reduit Beach, Splash Island is the Caribbean’s first open-water sports park. Newly opened in August 2015, Splash Island is located  near  the multi-award-winning Bay Gardens Beach Resort & Spa located in Rodney Bay Village,

Kids, families and weekend warriors alike will delight in this Caribbean water park’s many obstacle-course style features. Splash Island St. Lucia’s features include a trampoline, climbing wall, monkey bars,  a swing, a slide, hurdles, double rocker, flip, and water volleyball. Learn more.


Whale & Dolphin Watching

The waters surrounding Saint Lucia not only feature a carnival of colorful coral reefs but also great marine life. Over 20 species of whale and dolphin live and visit these waters. You can spot sperm, humpback and pilot whales as well as spinners, spotted and bottleneck dolphins. This is a great tour for the all the family to enjoy. For more information, visit Hackshaws or Captain Mike’s.