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She said Yes!

Sunny greetings to you our Romance Travel partners. The Serenity Vacations & Tours family is honored for the opportunity to partner with you in creating magic moments for our mutual couples and their party. As a 100% indigenously owned and operated destination management partner, we are couples and special events centered, with focus on curating bespoke experiences that are usually hard to explain, yet difficult to forget. We partner with all bona fide wedding specialist to create what is simply what is found nowhere else; creating family history from the first date to the honeymoon.

Under appreciated, is the prenuptial propositioning, a most critical component to a loving couples union. With over a decade of experiences in creating and managing amazement and fission, we invite your partnership and welcome your collective intelligence in creating future histories – together

The great leap forward is quite often most foreboding.

  • Will she say yes and how do I know for sure?
  • How do I do it? When? Where? Whether and even Why?

We’ve been there – done many, with magic memories to treasure. We’ll calm freight with experienced planning of our wedding proposal team, whose frisson for surprise is as sizzling as it is fun. Plus have your entire moment captured by the best photography team on island, Lanmen Photography.

Whether it’s:

  • A surprise, off­-the-beaten path. Well planned and executed without crowd or fanfare, yet personal an effectful
  • A surprise detour on a Couples Special Island experience, with its private couple’s buffet overlooking the majestic pitons or the Dasheen at Ladera; influenced and fashioned by the culture of your union, your story, your world
  • A family or collegial planned surprise fettered only by the depth of imagination, the storied culture of the couple and the heights of your inspiration
  • A semi lavish to prodigious occasion, made replete with favorite local and international bands or artists; accoutered with your wildest imagination, there simply is no limit to your unique possibilities. Words here are insufficient to available endlessness. Simple yet magical.

Premium Wedding & Romance family experiences

Weddings are for the families of the couples too.

And no better way to create magic memories than to enjoy authentic Saint Lucian moments that harmoniously blend guests culture with Island vibration. Our seven premium experiences are gems of uniqueness, yet still tailorable to festively bring families together in pure fun. Sample from our premium experiences below and let’s great unforgettable histories–together.


An ambassador guided experience of key highlights of Saint Lucia in VIP comfort and privacy.

The only Land, Sea & Air experience available on the island, providing a most magical experience for the entire wedding party.

Exploring hidden, unexplored gems of Saint Lucia, away from prying eyes tourist ordinariness.


The only experience of its kind, this option is the purest form of Creole cuisine. Being hosted to dinner in the home of a local, set overlooking the most stunning visas of our Northern land and seascape. It’s so secretive that we need to remind you that whatever happens INCOGNITO, stays INCOGNITO


As featured in the New York Times, this experience has been praised by couples and small wedding parties yearning to build happy In-laws relationships with this experience that is sapid in taste and atmosphere.

A series of adventurous community experiences that encapsulates the community spirit of Saint Lucia, while providing a truly unforgettable moments to wedding parties.


The most gregarious event of them all is this total immersion into the bar and communal culture of Saint Lucia. No other event blends the spirit of the romance party with the spirit of inner communities.

Give us a call toll free at 1-866-766-0794 or register as a Travel Partner here and let’s create magic memories-together.