• Tropical Adventure – zip line & river adventure”

    Private, personal, renewing, and with a whole lot of fun. This picnic adventure is perfect for couples, families and special interest groups. Backed by our […]

  • Sizzling Adventure

    For the effusively daring, craving an experience of ceaseless fun and adventure, this exploit is definitely within your milieu.  Featured in this option is a […]

    • Adults: 
      Subject to Variables
    • Duration: 
      Subject to Variables
    • Restrictions: 
      Physically or Medically Challenged, Heart Conditions
  • Circumventure – A complete “zip line & 360ºround the island delight”

    No event is as replete as this most extraordinary adventure. Enjoy zip lining in the rainforest to the ever pervasion of melodious birdsongs. Relish the […]

  • Cruisers Exclusive “Cliquishly Yours”

    Enjoy everything the already awesome St. Lucia Land and Sea Tour offers, but totally private, with inclusions of the iconic mineral mud bath at the volcano or the […]

    • 1 – 4 Adults: 
      Call for Informaion
    • 5+ Adults: 
      Call for Informaion
    • Duration: 
      ~6-8 Hours
  • Couples Special – “Incredible”

    This is the quintessential couples’ experience. Everything obtained on a regular and private island tour, but tailored for that special couple, sharing magic moments, all totally […]

    • Beacon Special: 
      Call for Informaion
    • Ladera Special: 
      Call for Informaion
    • Duration: 
      ~6 Hours 30 Minutes
    • Photographer Available: 
      Yes (recommended)
  • Private Island Tour “Delightfully Personal”

    With this private island tour option, enjoy everything the already awesome island tour offers, but totally private. With inclusions of the iconic mineral mud bath at […]

    • Adults: 3-5pax: 
      Call for Informaion
    • Adults 6+: 
      Call for Informaion
    • Children (-12 years): 
      Call for Informaion

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