Enjoy the scenic coastline of this breathtaking Caribbean island, St Lucia as its steep mountains and undulating hills meet the carpet smooth, crystal clear Caribbean Sea aboard the wide array of vessels to suit any need. Whether its for sight seeing, whale and dolphin watching, deep sea fishing or just pleasure cruising, we have the vessel to suit your needs. From deep sea fishing, to luxury cabin cruising, fun speed boats, to relaxing catamaran and sailboat cruises.


Fishing Charters:

Boasting some of the most abundant waters in the world the Caribbean Sea is just teeming with adrenaline filled tackle, and vaunting some of the deepest harbors in the Caribbean, St. Lucia, by no means falls short of this fact. From Blue Marlin to Yellow Tail snapper, your chances of catching something is very high.

Whale and Dolphin watch Charters:

The splendour of whale and dolphin watching in St. Lucia


Boat Transfer Charters:

In some cases travelling by boat is by far a quicker and more scenic way of getting from point A to point B.

Day Charters:

Want to enjoy a day aboard a boat and make the day up as you go along? Have a large group and want to organize a boat trip?


Long-term Charters:

Our long-term charters are for those people who want to take a boat and sail for days visiting different islands in the Caribbean.




41 ft. Cabin Cruiser:
  • Cruisers: 20
  • Charter Types: Day Charters, Whale and Dolphin watch


32 ft. Boston Whaler:
  • Anglers:6
  • Cruisers:10
  • Charter Types: Fishing Charters, Day Charters, Whale and Dolphin watch


60 ft. Bertram:
  • Anglers: 12
  • Cruisers: 12
  • Charter Types: Luxury Fishing Charters, Luxury Day Charters, Luxury Long-term Charters, Luxury Whale and Dolphin Watch Charters


31 ft. Grady White:
  • Anglers: 6
  • Cruisers: 10
  • Charter Types: Fishing Charters, Day Charters, Whale and Dolphin watch


43 ft. Sail Boat:
  • Cruisers: 14
  • Charter Types: Day Charters, Long-term Charters, Whale and Dolphin watch


38 ft. Cabin Catamaran :
  • Cruiser: 14
  • Charter Types: Day Charters, Long-term Charters, Whale and Dolphin watch


Group Catamarans:

52 ft. Catamaran :
  • Cruisers: 50
  • Charter types: Day Charters


65 ft. Catamaran :
  • Cruisers: 110
  • Charter types: Day Charters


75 ft. Catamaran :
  • Cruisers: 140
  • Charter types: Day Charters


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