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Amy Stephen

is a rising star and community leader in the vibrant community of Anse La Raye in St. Lucia. Born into a family of artists, Amy’s love for the arts and her artistic journey were heavily influenced by her family, who instilled in her a deep appreciation for music and culture. Her family’s powerful musical background and cultural heritage inspired her to explore various art forms and seek out opportunities to express herself creatively, even at an early age. Growing up in the musically rich community, music was a central and natural part of her life.

As a student at Anse-La-Raye Infant and Primary School, she was actively involved in the school’s choir. Her story highlights the importance of nurturing and supporting creativity in young people. After returning from Taiwan on a scholarship in 2014, Amy pursued various career opportunities to gain a holistic experience as an artist, being perceptively aware of her St. Lucian environment. She has worked as a radio announcer, marketing associate, music teacher, and project manager. However, her most recent pursuit as a visual artist is yet another demonstration of her love for exploration.

Amy’s art seeks to celebrate the beauty that hides in plain sight amidst the demands of societal pressures. Despite coming from one of the poorest villages in St. Lucia, Amy aims to highlight the beauty that exists in her environment—a recompense for the struggles and challenges faced by her country, with scarcity of resources but abundant opportunities to create. Her most recent collection, “The Fleet,” pays homage to her Caribbean story, where water serves as a motif. Water plays a significant role in the life of the Caribbean, dichotomously separating and connecting people at the same time. The collection highlights the history of the Caribbean, where enslaved people were brought in by boat for over 400 years, forging resilience and unrestrained yet inviting expression among Caribbean people.

Despite having no formal training in art, Amy found that the act of painting was a form of escape and refuge that provided comfort, helping her foster a deeper understanding of self. Amy’s innate talent and creativity truly shine through in her paintings. She seeks to celebrate the beauty that exists in her environment and pay homage to her Caribbean roots. Her work seeks to provoke a sense of optimism and hope, highlighting the full scope of living within the Caribbean.

Amy’s passion for the arts is evident in her various achievements, which include participating in several musical productions, winning numerous beauty pageants, and being recognized for her outstanding performance in music, theatre, and elocution. She is a true “multipotentialite,” excited to explore various possibilities as it relates to self-actualization. She has participated in several notable musical productions, including Tinday, Masquerade Master, Merchant of Venice, and Malchochon.

In conclusion, Amy Stephen is a young artist with a deep passion for the arts. Her journey as a visual artist was born from her desire to nurture a creative outlet that celebrates the simple beauties of life expressed through nature, culture, science, and history. Amy’s work seeks to provoke a sense of optimism and hope, highlighting the full scope of living within the Caribbean. Amy’s modest demeanor yet exemplary fervor as an art maestro is a testament to the hidden gems of Saint Lucia and the Caribbean. Her story serves as an inspiration to young people everywhere, showing that with passion, creativity, and hard work, anything is possible. We invite you to meet Amy in person on your next visit to Saint Lucia and let her inspire you.

“The Fleet” Images of the fleet paintings can be found here. Book a private free-style Incognito experience which focuses on the quaint fishing village of Anse La Raye; its history, culture, waterfall, and friendly people. Amy,

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