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Bespoke St Lucia Experiences

Gifted with a team of award-winning Vacations Ambassadors. Serenity Vacations and Tours connect the discerning visitor to a world of natural wonders. Couples will be treated to relaxation, romance, and adventure, while groups can enjoy activities tailored to suit the dynamics of the personalities within their group. This bespoke itinerary guarantees that there is no “one size fits all”. Experience off-the-beaten-track adventures, plus a variety of low-carbon footprint leisure activities that help ensure exploring this magnificent island remains just as beautiful for generations to come.

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St. Lucia Tours - Pigeon Island Tour Guide View SerenityExperience St Lucia’s past and present on a pleasantly nostalgic excursion of the mind, body and senses. Your guided experience is made sapid by the depth of knowledge and passion of your host as they regale you with our turbulent yet colorful past; with visits to historical sites and vistas that are time capsulated. You will fully immerse all senses and spirit into the events that influences our present-day life and the socio – cultural attributes that will enable you to settle into local living.  This first week experience will settle you quickly into the St Lucian ethos. You will become a Lucian in mind and spirit. 

Not your typical tourist experienceAn unrivalled option allowing you to build your experience according to your personality, and dictate. No set agenda, just you and your egger desire to experience St Lucia like no one else. Explore off the beaten paths, visit remote communities, savor, cultures, sights, sounds, feelings, tastes and energies that defy ordinary. The unadulterated landscape and ecology boast gems of experiences that are hard to describe, yet impossible to forget. This opulent experience has one rule – What happens incognito, stays incognito. It’ll always be your secret.

An incredibly pulsating experience challenging your childlike adventure craving. Learn how to manipulate the steep Atlantic breeze to your hearts delight as you surf and fly with the wind. Developing this most enviable skill is one that will leave life changing experiences as you release your tethered adventure yearning while being immersed in the wonders of nature.

There is no better way – no more humbling an experience than to spend the friendliest of days with a St Lucian family. Experience for yourself how we eat, laugh play and live. Get to know the abundance of teas and folia flavors of an unhomogenized nature. Enjoy cooking Creole with a real family, sharing ideas, experiences, tastes, sounds and feelings that are unique to you and your host. The cross fertilization of cultures offers the most potent opportunity for building rich relationships and fostering mutual respect for people and culture.  

For you seeking absolute serenity and calm we will tuck you along the secluded shores of an almost nomadic beach or landscape. Accompanied by one or a team of vacation Ambassadors, depending on party size, we “anchor” midweek at a place where time is not allowed. With a menu of your choice and possibly your own Chef -Du-Jour, a freshly prepared lunch or early eventide, private feast is prepared at your beckoning, as you bask in quiet contemplation of life and living. The gentle mountain breeze or whispering ocean will invoke a cathartic mental quietude only experienced by you who relish the beauty and serenity of a rejuvenative nature.  

This multi destination experience stands indubitably at the eminence of a six-week retreat. A one-of-a-kind event combing resplendent elements of land, sea and air to form an intangible, yet incredible memorabilia; an experience in which time is suspended and forgotten. Your day begins with included hotel / place of stay taxi pickup, airport bound to a waiting aircraft. The spectacular scenes of picturesque islands glue your senses and conjures a storybook fantasy, just before landing at Canouan Airport, in the Grenadines. 

The enchantment of small cookie-like island of Mayreau, Tobago Cays and Palm Island are quite difficult to describe here, yet far harder to leave once you get there. Lunch, is island buffet style with fish and or chicken, creole rice, island provisions, island salads, fruit juices and or sodas, and a well-stocked bar at your leisure and pleasure. After lunch we invite you to lounge lazily on a suspended woven sundeck, join none swimmers in search of the illusive Cays Iguanas, or simply enjoy the feeding spectacle along the shoreline. The highlight is your unavoidable frolic with ever serene green turtles sharing their natural habitat, in the true spirit of our island people who will share everything they have with strangers. Edge back to Canouan, enjoying the plenteous sights, sounds, tastes and feelings that beckon your senses. Your return flight is a relaxing 20 minutes journey with amazing sky views of the wonders you left behind. 

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