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4 Islands 1 Tour! Swim with the Turtles!

Magical Grenadines Tour

An Exclusive Serenity Vacations & Tours DMC Experience

Your Magical Grenadines experience stands indubitably at the eminence of an island vacation. A one of a kind event combing resplendent elements of land, sea and air to form an intangible, yet incredible memorabilia. The Grenadines chain of islands are sometimes collectively described as “a place that time forgot”, but perhaps a more accurate depiction should be – a place where time is forgotten. A little harder to get to, yet a whole lot harder to forget.

Your day begins with included hotel / place of stay taxi pickup, airport bound to a waiting luxury B200 King Air aircraft – everyone gets a window seat on this 20 minute, luxury flight to an oasis of serenity. The spectacular scenes of picturesque islands glue your senses and conjures a storybook fantasy, just before landing at Canouan Airport.

After brisk clearing of Customs and Immigration, you are taxied to a waiting, spacious catamaran or idyllic schooner, greeted by friendly hosts and treated to the only champagne breakfast tour known to these parts, as you cruise with rhythmic ripple to your first anticipation.

Mayreau, your first stop, is a tranquility clothed and smallest inhabited island of the Grenadines, with an area of just 1.5 sq. miles and a population of about 271. Its picture perfect beaches lay calm and unperturbed on the Caribbean side yet brisk with easterly breezes, just a mere 40 meters adjacent. A perfect first stop for swim and tender frolic – A taste of serenity.

Tobago Cays – Jewel in the Crown, is a natural marine park, lush with coral reefs, sea turtles, and small systems of mangroves, holding immense ecological value. Your crescendo of mesmerism includes frolicking up close and personal with green turtles (whenever their moods or weather so desire), snorkel with sights of angelfish and damsels darting playfully between rocks. And possibly with tiny schools of electric blue and red fish swaying in the clear water, while trumpet fish nose around nature’s underwater crevices. Each experience is different and perhaps unique and not necessarily as we script. What is certain, is the hypnotizing iridescence of the vibrant Tobago Cays and the immense privilege felt, surveilling these creatures in their natural habitat.

Lunch, is island buffet style with fish and or chicken, creole rice, island provisions, island salads, fruit juices and or sodas, and a well-stocked bar at your leisure and pleasure. After lunch we invite you to lounge lazily on a suspended woven sundeck, join none swimmers in search of the illusive Cays Iguanas, or simply enjoy the feeding spectacle along the shoreline.

Edge back to Canouan, enjoying the plenteous sights, sounds, tastes and feelings that beckon your senses. Your return flight is a relaxing 20 minutes journey with amazing sky views of the wonders you left behind.

And it is even available as a totally private experience upon demand for the couple, family and special interest group demanding an exclusive experience. Call us toll free today and let’s create your future history – together.

See the full tour in this 3 minute video


  • •Early morning taxi transfer to George Charles or Hewanorra airports
  • •20 minute flight to The Grenadines. *Canouan*
  • •Champagne breakfast onboard a catamaran or schooner
  • •6 to 7 hours cruise between the islands of Canouan, Mayreau, and The Tobago Cays
  • •Swim and snorkel with green turtles and fish (subject to nature)
  • •Buffet Island lunch
  • •PM return landing in Saint Lucia
  • •Return taxi to your hotel or place of stay

* Actual order of events and timing may vary slightly from day to day. *


  • •Return air conditioned airport taxi transfers
  • •Return flight to the Grenadines
  • •Champagne breakfast and island buffet lunch onboard.
  • •Island cruising between Canouan, Mayreau, Tobago Cays
  • •Swimming and snorkeling at Turtle Park
  • •Snorkeling at Cays reef
  • •All day bar
  • •All government taxes.


*Snorkel Gear is included. Bring along your towels. This event is weather, materiel and minimum threshold contingent. We may cancel any tour with full refund if we deem it necessary to protect your safety and satisfaction*

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