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Summer Saint Lucia Give Away

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Premium Experiences

Magical Grenadines

Your Magical Grenadines experience stands indubitably at the eminence of…

Carol’s Creole Cooking.

As featured in the New York Times An Authentic St.…

Come Dine With Us

Established since 2009, Come Dine with Us is intrinsically unorthodox,…

Couple’s Special Island Tour – Beacon

This is the quintessential couples’ experience. Everything every major island…

Couple’s Special Island Tour – Ladera

This is the quintessential couples’ experience. Everything every major island…

Sunrise on the Bay (Soley Leve’)

Nature, Culture, Fun, Adventure, – all furled into one coastal…

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Terms and Conditions

Special offer cannot be combined with any other ongoing offers or be included in contractual travel trade partnerships, and special group or MICE bookings. This offer applies to bookings received thirsty (30) days or more ahead of arrival or start of service date, for bookings with service dates from May 1st to November 30th, 2023. Offer ends on September 30th, 2023.

Cancellation policy

No cancellation penalty for apply for cancellations received seventy-two (72) or more hours of event and tour engagements. Cancellations received within 72 hours are subject to a 50% charge and 100% charge for No Shows. Cancellations due to flight or cruise schedules interruptions within the specified period are exempted from cancellation charge.