About us

Serenity Vacations & Tours DMC: Crafting Unforgettable Memories in Saint Lucia & Beyond

Welcome to Serenity Vacations & Tours, where our commitment to excellence is built upon five core values:
Integrity, Community, Stakeholder-Driven, Innovation, and Environmental Awareness.

At the heart of our operation is the passionate belief that each client deserves an ambassador-level service, reflecting the unique character and spirit of Saint Lucia. As a locally owned and managed Destination Management Team, our personal and collective qualities, combined with unique product attributes, form the bedrock of presenting Saint Lucia as the ultimate vacation and experience destination.
Our Commitment to You:

We are dedicated to delivering a personalized and unparalleled level of service, aiming to make every vacation or event with us truly memorable. Our success is intricately woven with the strong relationships we foster with clients, travel trade partners, and the local Saint Lucian community. Our mission is clear: to represent the very best that Saint Lucia has to offer.

Values That Define Us:

  • Integrity: Embracing diversity, treating all with respect and integrity.
  • Community: Believing that tourism should be community-driven, creating positive experiences for all.
  • Stakeholder Driven: Being accountable to all stakeholders while prioritizing environmental well-being.
  • Innovation: Valuing innovation and continuous improvement.
  • Environmental Awareness: Recognizing the impact of tourism on the environment and striving for sustainable practices.

The Spirit of Serenity:

Team Serenity Vacations & Tours is united by our commitment to diversity, continuous learning, and a shared passion for creating magic moments. We understand that tourism is not just about destinations; it’s about people and the positive impact we can have on each other and the world.

Why Choose Serenity:

If you seek a local provider and travel partner that embodies the true essence of the Saint Lucian spirit, dedicated to ensuring an exceptional travel experience, look no further. With pride we invite you to Choose Serenity Vacations & Tours for an experience that goes beyond travel – it’s a journey into the heart of Saint Lucia’s magic. We can’t wait to welcome you and create lasting memories and future histories – together.

Magic People, sharing Magic Moments, creating Magic Memories

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